Frequently Asked Questions

Lost Property

Our drivers will notify the office of any lost property left in the vehicle, and this will be kept in our lost property area for 3 months. You can claim your lost property by contacting our office.

Are your drivers DBS checked?

Yes, all our drivers have enhanced DBS checks, these are updated frequently.

How do I meet my vehicle at the airport?

All our vehicles over 8 seats will be parked in the coach park at the airport. You will need to liaise with the coach marshall who will call through to the coach park to tell them that you are ready to be picked up and the vehicle will then be released to come collect you.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of time I can hire a vehicle for?

No, there is no minimum or maximum time you can hire it for, you can hire it for as long as you require.

Can I hire a vehicle to go to Europe?

Yes, we undertake trips to Europe.

is JRP Direct VAT registered?

Yes, we are VAT registred and provide VAT invoices.

Can we consume alcohol in the vehicle?

No, it is JRP Direct’s company policy that we do not allow any alcohol to be consumed on any of our vehicles.

Are your vehicles tracked?

Yes, all of our vehicles have telematic devices fitted to them to allow the office to pinpoint the real time location of all of our vehicles along with other data such as speed and previous routes. This is good for when looking back at trip history such as a school run timing.

Can we stop along the way for a comfort stop?

If when booking your journey you request this, we will plan it into the journey. If not, on the day of your booking liaise with your driver about stopping and they will do their best to plan this into your journey for you.

Do I have to hire it for a return journey or can I just hire it for a one way trip?

No, you can hire it for one way trips also.

Do your drivers sign confidentialty agreements?

Yes, all drivers sign a non disclosure agreement upon employement with JRP Direct. If you wish to see an example of one, please contact our office.

How much does it cost to hire a COACH?

We tailor each quote to each individual customer’s requirements. We are happy to provide free quotes for anyone.

If we haven’t answered a question you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact our office and we will be happy to help.