The environment

As a company we see it is important to contribute to the combat against climate change. We are always looking into improving and finding new ways of helping the environment with what we do.

Here are some of the things we do as a company:

All our vehicles meet the ultra-low emission standards (ULEZ), meaning they burn less fuel and produce fewer harmful gases to go into the atmosphere. When maintaining our vehicles, a lot of the products we use, such as waste engine oil and dirty rags, are sent off to be used as fuel to power stations to provide renewable energy.

Rubbish that is left on our vehicles and the rubbish from our office is sorted, and items such as waste paper, water bottles and drinks cans are recycled. Although we cannot recycle every item of rubbish that is left on our vehicles or on our premises we aim to recycle as much as possible.

At our vehicle wash point, all waste water is collected and goes through our own 3 stage cleaning system, and when it comes out the other end it is filtered and clean again.

Our office tries to do as much electronically as possible to reduce paper and ink usage. Drivers are given their work via an app on their phone or they are able to log in to their portal online where it displays their work. Our energy supplier for electricity only uses renewable sources to generate power. Lighting is LED which uses much less power than the average halogen bulb and lasts longer, meaning there is less waste put into landfill.